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School Council Visits Wood Street mission

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The KS2 school councillors have had a very exciting morning as they visited Wood Street Mission in Manchester. We were keen to see where all of the food that we donate every year for harvest goes and how it is distributed out to families across Manchester.
We were given a tour of the centre by Des Lynch who visits our school every year as part of our harvest assembly. He introduced us to the volunteers who help on a daily basis sorting out clothes, books and food for people in need of support.
We had a fantastic time. Thanks also to Mr McDowell for driving us there on the minibus.
Here are a few photos of our visit.

School Council Elections

Well what a great school council meeting we had on 20th October. It was Election Day for the roles of ‘Chair’ and ‘Vice chair’. Four excellent presentations were given from Lewis, Sophie, Izzy and Euan. Well done to all of you for taking the time to prepare your speeches and deliver them so confidently!
After everyone had their ‘secret vote’ (ballot box and all!) the votes were counted.Thanks to Aimee for counting the votes and announcing the winners. I am pleased to announce that your School Council ‘Chair’ for 2014/15 is Sophie (Y6) and your ‘Vice Chair’ is Euan (Y6). Well done to Izzy and Lewis – Don’t worry – there are plenty of other jobs for you and the rest of the council to keep you busy!! Looking forward to our next meeting.